APPROVED: Guidelines on the Imposition of Fines and Penalties

In our shared mission to help build a thriving community, the Lancaster Estates Homeowners Association (LEHOA) continues to proactively respond to the changes and developments within our community through various programs and relevant policies to ensure the well-being of its members and residents.  


With thorough study, consultations, meetings, and deliberations among the LEHOA community leaders, the LEHOA Board of Directors approved the following LEHOA Village Policies during its meeting last July 8, 2023. Enhancement to the Village Policies seek to reinforce our commitment to peaceful and harmonious living inside our villages.   

The success of the Residential and Occupancy Registration will contribute to the attainment of LEHOA’s objectives, uphold diversity, and create a welcoming environment for new residents to the LEHOA that will guide them in their move in journey.  

We invite all members of LEHOA to support these policies as the attainment of our shared vision for a peaceful, harmonious and thriving METRO LEHOA, relying on the support and collaboration of all its members.   


Let this policy serve as a guiding light for the LEHOA to work towards our common vision. By adhering to this policy, we contribute to the overall health and vitality of our Association and the communities we serve.  


You may access a pdf copy of the policy on the link provided below: (Link) starting January 16, 2024. 

Note: In order to view and download the files you have to sign in on your LEHOA account