Tuwa at Pag-asa sa GalingLNC ChristMasaya

This coming Christmas 2021, with the theme of “TUWA at PAG-ASA”, we share the Spirit of Christmas with exciting parades and activities! 

These are the following activities, dates, and routes to be followed: 

  • DECEMBER 15 (Wednesday)

KS17, MS4, MS11, MS12, SS9, SS5, SS4

  • DECEMBER 17 (Friday)

KS7, KS5, KS20, KS12, KS22, KS6, KS8

  • DECEMBER 18 (Saturday)

GL1, BR4, BR2, BR1, WE2, GL3, WE5, WE4, WE6

  • DECEMBER 19 (Sunday)

SS1, KS21, KS9, KS10, KS28, KS19, KS15


Ang CHRISTMASAYA BAGS ay maaaring maglaman ng mga sumusunod:

  1. Spaghetti Noodles
  2. Tomato sauce
  3. Cheese
  4. All-purpose cream
  5. Condensed Milk
  6. Fruit Cocktail
  7.  A special message from the family

Follow health protocols to ensure the safety of everyone in the community. 

  • Always wear your face masks,
  • Bring your alcohol, and 
  • Observe social distancing.
    Sign-Up: https://bit.ly/GalingLNChristMasayaVolunteer2021